Anti radiation gloves
Anti radiation gloves
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  • High Quality Medical Lead Clothes X-Ray Protective Lead Gloves

    Product Description:
    1. X-Ray Lead Gloves
    2. ISO9001, CE
    3. high-quality lead rubber material
    Lead Gloves, Lead-Lined Gloves
    * Material: high quality lead rubber sheet,Lead Shield:0.35mmPb,0.50mmPb, etc.
    Lead Clothes: jackets, aprons, coats, vests, skirts, breast protective, scarts, undershorts, waistcoat aprons, children
    protective, triangles, caps, arms protective, collars, gloves, etc.
    * Material: lead rubber sheet, lead rubber boar
    - Inexpensive
    - Durable, comfortable, fully adjustable
    - Full upper hand protection

    - Total mobility of the hand and fingers