Full Face Rubber Particulate Respirator with Double Filters Gas Mask
Full Face Rubber Particulate Respirator with Double Filters Gas Mask
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  • The versatile full face mask has three interface configurations; 

    it can be used with a variety of canisters; it can be used as a face mask for a supply air respirator;

     it can be used as a face mask for compressed air long tube respirators;

     it can be used as a fire positive pressure air breathing apparatus. Mask; 

    can also be used as a mask for oxygen breathing apparatus. 

    Available in red, yellow and blue. Excellent exhalation valve performance The patented design of the exhalation valve ensures that the user's breathing resistance is small and comfortable; its performance fully meets the relevant standards of the European standard EN136 level 3. High quality face screen for enhanced handling, scratch and abrasion resistance. Anti-fog treatment ensures that the line of sight will not be affected by fogging. High light transmittance, clear view, 100% no visual distortion. Wear a comfortable double rubber edge to fit snugly around the face, and a wide, sealed edge keeps the face under pressure. 

    After wearing, the nose and mouth mask has no contact pressure on the face. Quick and easy operation The voler full-face plug-in interface allows for one-handed operation and is extremely easy and quick to use. The safety view is wide, clear and undistorted, and the safety in use is enhanced. Efficient sound-transmitting diaphragms ensure clear, natural communication, increasing safety and convenience. The material is flame retardant and antistatic, which increases the safety in use. Easy maintenance, long service life, easy maintenance and easy maintenance. Full face cover can be combined with multiple air supply valves