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Artificial ventilation test lung
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With our reliable Xplus test lung, you can test ventilator compliance with the following standards: IEC 60601-2-12,IEC 60601-2-13 and EN 794-3 2000mL bag. 
Applicable volume from 0 to 1000 mL. 
Testing according to IEC standards (ventilators and anaesthesia machines). Outstanding features for patient simulations in ventilator training and testing. The Xplus test lung is smaller and more portable than other full feature test lungs. It comes with adjustable compliance from 25 to 75 Ml/mbar and adjustable resistance from 5 to 200 mbar/L/s and thanks to its controllable leak, the leak-compensation of a ventilator can be tested. It is also possible to test the patient-trigger-function with the SmartLung 2000. The SmartLung 2000 is the best tool for testing your ventilator and anesthesia devices and an ideal addition to our flow- and pressure measurement devices, FlowAnalyser and CITREX. By simply moving the slider, the test lung can simulate different degrees of lung stiffness and a simple twist of the connector is all it takes to simulate different airway resistances.